Collection of articles from on the subject of Credit Suisse An escalating neighborhood dispute over construction noise and trees, threatening private detectives and physical violence in the city center.

 Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Credit Suisse The Swiss financial group Credit Suisse earned less in the first half of the year. According to company information, net profit fell by 24 percent. However, the decline fell significantly The Swiss financial group’s net profit in the first quarter of the year was € 0.9 billion.

Euro reached. Compared to the previous year, this is a minus of 25 percent, said the company. The Swiss financial group Credit Suisse earned less in the first half of the year. According to the company, net profit fell by 24 percent. However, the decline was significantly less than expected by analysts.

The net profit of the Swiss financial group reached 0.9 billion euros in the first quarter of the year. Compared to the previous year, that is a decrease of 25 percent, said the company. “(Photo: picture alliance / dpa) This withdrawal movement is remarkable: the asset manager Julius Baer has poached five experienced bankers from Credit Suisse. Jorge Torea and his team would start at Julius Baer on November 1 and look after wealthy Brazilian clients from Zurich, said When client advisors move from one bank to another, parts of the clientele usually follow them. At the beginning of September, Julius Baer reported that a group of ten former Credit Suisse employees had started work at the private bank.

The move of the head of the international wealth management business, Iqbal Khan, to UBS had recently caused turbulence at Credit Suisse. Source: “Credit Suisse can look forward to a strong profit jump in the third quarter. This is due to rising income in wealth management and declining income The second largest Swiss bank earned a bottom line of 881 million francs – more than twice as much as in the same period last year. Analysts had expected less. However, the bank was cautious about the current quarter. The usual seasonal decline and the difficult one The political environment should also be reflected in the income. Source: “The cruise ship” Costa Concordia “was on 13.

January 2012 ran aground in a failed maneuver off the Italian island of Giglio, hit a leak and capsized. 32 of the 4,200 people on board were killed in the accident, including twelve Germans. The entire salvage and scrapping of the ocean liner should ultimately cost around 1.5 billion euros. AP At the CMT vacation fair, visitors jostle into the ship travel department.

The misfortune of the “Costa Concordia” concerns them. But it doesn’t stop her from making vacation plans for the next cruise. The chances of finding survivors on board the “Costa Concordia” are now zero. Nevertheless, the rescuers want to continue diving into the wreck before the Italian Giglio.

Until the weather no longer allows it, they want to scour the interior for traces of the missing. In addition to Captain Schettino, his employer is now increasingly coming into the crossfire of criticism. The search for missing people from the wreck of the “Costa Concordia” remains in the foreground.

But poor weather and the unstable situation of the damaged ship fuel fear of an environmental disaster. Up to 2400 tons of fuel are still on board. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if the ship went down. The time is running. Because the capsized cruise ship “Costa Concordia” continues to slide, the rescue work is interrupted.

The hope of finding survivors is dwindling. Meanwhile, an investigating judge rejects Captain Schettino’s excuses. There is “serious evidence” of his guilt.

Italy celebrates a completely different hero. If the misfortune of the “Costa Concordia” were not so dramatic, then one could find the excuses of captain Schettino almost funny. In court, he gets lost in outrageous declarations of his premature disappearance from aboard the cruise giant.

In the meantime, rescue work in the wreck has come to a standstill. The behavior of the cruise captain Francesco Schettino in the wreck of the “Costa Concordia” is unbelievable: Although hundreds of passengers are still in distress, the Italian makes off the dust. The coast guard tries to persuade him to turn around with sometimes drastic words – the memorable protocol of the radio traffic from the night of the accident. The helpers find more and more dead in the wreck of the “Costa Concordia”.

The exact number of missing persons remains unclear. New allegations are made against the captain. Authorities are wondering whether drugs also played a role.

Because the captain did not act, the crew did so without authorization, which amounts to mutiny. “Of the more than 4,200 people on board, the vast majority of them got off board safely. That has to be seen as positive,” says shipping expert Stefan Krüger. He considers it “very unlikely” that the captain of the “Costa Concordia” freely changed the route of his ship. In addition to the human tragedy, the accident on the “Costa Concordia” also means considerable economic damage.

According to experts, the insurance companies involved can face liability claims of up to a billion dollars. And that does not include a possible oil spill. The crashed “Costa Concordia” has been aground off the Italian coast at a depth of around 30 meters for four days. All parts of the ship protruding out of the water have been searched, trapped people are no longer found. Divers should search the underwater area in the morning, because 14 people are still missing, including twelve Germans.

Meanwhile, the most serious allegations are directed against the captain of the ship. “CEO Tidjane Thiam has lost the power struggle at the helm of the major Swiss bank Credit Suisse. The Ivorian is stepping down after the presentation of the results for the full year 2019 planned for next week, Credit Suisse announced . New CEO will be Switzerland boss Thomas Gottstein. Urs Rohner will remain Chairman of the Board of Directors until April 2021.

According to insiders, in the aftermath of the shadowing affair involving two former members of the executive board, Thiam and Rohner had a dispute. Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the topic of Credit Suisse An escalating neighborhood dispute over construction noise and trees, threatening private detectives and physical violence in the city center. The dispute between two top managers at Credit Suisse shakes it up Tranquil Zurich By Max Borowski The major Swiss bank Credit Suisse announced a share buyback and a higher dividend at its investor day.

Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and UBS are given an extra year in the USA to prepare a contingency plan. The major Swiss bank Credit Suisse is repaying mandatory convertible bonds with a total volume of CHF 5.9 billion to investors. Business for the Swiss Confederation is going brilliantly: In the past quarter, the results of Deutsche Bank rival Credit Suisse have risen sharply. When it comes to the outlook, however, the Swiss express caution. “Guardiola and Alaba know each other from the old days of Bayern. (Photo: imago / Eibner) Manchester City can generously use the transfer market after the Cas acquittal.

The stars will come, the club will eventually play the Champions League. Coach Josep Guardiola has an old friend from FC Bayern on the slip, but Hansi Flick does not want to lose. Alaba or nothing? After the acquittal of the International Court of Justice Cas is at Manchester City before the big transfer offensive – and Bayern star David Alaba should be the “prime target” for Josep Guardiola, so the first target.

According to the Guardian, the former Munich coach has an impressive 165 million euros available for new top players. His former protégé Alaba should be at the top of the wish list, as was director Thiago at the beginning of his time in Munich (“Thiago or nothing!”). Bayern coach Hansi Flick recently emphasized that he would “deal with everything I have” for Alaba (and Thiago) to stay, he called his defense chief “heart”. That is exactly what Guardiola is looking for, his defense proved to be an Achilles heel in the failed attempt to successfully defend the championship again. He is looking for a center and left-back, they say – Alaba can play both at top level.

Spicy: Alaba’s management is said to have brought up a swap between the two stars when Leroy Sané was transferred from City to the Isar. The Austrian Alaba is more likely to move to one of the Spanish top clubs Real Madrid or FC Barcelona – unless Bayern increase his salary significantly and he stays there beyond 2021. Guardiola’s shopping list is even longer – no wonder: The cancellation of the two-year European Cup suspension could be worth up to 330 million euros for City, according to the island. The 20 million euros by which the Cas reduced the fine alone correspond to the annual salary of a top kicker. The “Sun” already sees “a whole bunch of stars” approaching and names Leverkusen’s Kai Havertz, who could inherit the outgoing David “Merlin” Silva as Josep’s new sorcerer’s apprentice. Guardiola had anticipated the personnel realignment some time ago. “We need a break,” he said, “nothing lasts forever.

We have to accept that and make the right decisions in order to stay at the level we are at. “Ultimately, the triumph in the Champions League remains the great dream that the six-time champions have not yet fulfilled. Guardiola is still planned as the architect, City has according to “Sun” now “greater hope” that it will extend beyond 2021. The “Times” calls an extension of the employment relationship by one year realistic. In general, the club is “on cloud nine” after the mercy judgment (“Sun” On the other hand, the award means “the end for financial fair play”. Uefa at least has to think about reforms. Christian Müller, former CFO of the German Football League and FFP co-developer, called the judgment the “Waterloo for the sports rules” and “a laughing stock”.

Ex-City-Pro Didi Hamann sees the FFP as “strongly questioned” and predicts in the Munich “AZ” “conditions like in the Wild West”. Source:, Marko Mader and Marco Krummel, sid “To protect against the virus In the future, face masks will have to be worn in supermarkets and other shops in England. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) It is a well-founded “worst-case scenario” for Great Britain: Scientists are warning of a second corona wave with over 100,000 deaths Action could reduce the risk. The government has enacted appropriate rules. Doctors criticize the measures as “long overdue”. Renowned scientists warn of a second wave of coronavirus with up to 120,000 deaths in the UK.

Accordingly, the peak could be reached next January and February. 37 scientists were involved in the study, including government medical advisor Patrick Vallance. The researchers from the Academy of Medical Sciences presented various scenarios and called the predicted 120,000 deaths a well-founded “worst-case scenario”. “The risk can be reduced if we act immediately,” said the researchers in their study. Among other things, they warn against a meeting with a flu wave and a fundamentally higher risk of infection in winter because people spend more time in closed rooms. As a result, a second corona outbreak between the coming September and June 2021 could be significantly worse than the first, the researchers emphasize. According to the Ministry of Health, almost 45,000 people across the country have died during the first wave so far.

However, a high number of unreported cases is expected. Great Britain is the worst affected country in Europe by the Corona crisis. To protect against the virus, face masks will have to be worn in supermarkets and other shops in England in the future.

According to a government spokesman, the new regulation will apply from July 24th. Anyone who violates this must expect a fine. This obligation does not apply to children under the age of eleven. The British Medical Association and opposition politicians called the measure “long overdue”.

Each part of the country in Great Britain defines its own measures in the fight against the pandemic. Source:, tno / dpa “” With its decision to exclude Manchester City from the Champions League, the Uefa briefly made hope for more justice in sport. But now the sports court Cas overturns the penalty. “11 Friends” editor-in-chief Philipp Köster is outraged. You can read another assessment of the verdict here: Fairness is just a cute ideaSource: “Borussia Dortmund’s managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke has won the UEFA after the European Cup ban in Manchester was lifted City criticized. “This is also a setback for Uefa,” said Watzke to the “kicker”. “Overall, it was not a good day for football.” The International Sports Court Cas had on Monday a European Cup ban of two by the Uefa Years and a fine reduced from 30 million to ten million euros. The evidence was inadequate or the acts were statute-barred, it had been said to justify.

The continental federation had accused the top club from the Premier League of having broken the rules of the Financial Fair Play. City had rejected the allegations. “I would recommend Manchester City to stop any howls of triumph: If you read the grounds for the verdict, you can see that only the evidence was insufficient,” Watzke said. The 61-year-old asked Uefa to “present the regulations even more clearly and control them more strictly in order to present even more stringent evidence”. Source: “Joy at Man City: It continues internationally. (Photo : imago images / PA Images) The hard penalty does not come after all: England’s top club Manchester City can still start in the Champions League. The International Court of Justice Cas lifts the ban for violating the financial rules.

The fine is also significantly reduced. The English top club Manchester City can now participate in the Champions League in the next two seasons. The international sports court Cas gave the club’s appeal against the ban imposed by the European Football Union (Uefa).