Conversing to your mother and chatting to your close friends. Halogen vs.

Incandescent Two neighborhoods A boy to a lady Tarzan vs. Mowgli The lifestyle of a canine to the existence of a cat.

Sharp knife to blunt knife A significant college or university campus to a smaller school campus. Bulimia Nervosa vs. Anorexia Nervosa Faculty bullies to dictators. Composing for the Internet and Writing for Print Soccer vs.

Soccer Harry Potter Collection and The Lord of the Rings Series Motorbike vs. Bicycle Ladies of Eighteenth Century and Today’s Women Western Medicine and Ayurveda Greek Gods and Roman Gods Playing superbpaper outdoors and participating in computer games Nazism and Fascism Mitosis vs. Meiosis Star Wars vs. Star Trek Poverty to paranoia.

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Suburban Dwelling Lifetime and Apartment Existence US President vs. British isles Prime Minister Communism vs.

Capitalism Being grounded to being in jail. Two strategies of downloading music or films Rest room schooling a doggy and toilet instruction a infant Airplanes vs. Helicopters God to Satan Paganism vs. the Wiccan Faith Two coffee stores Heaven to hell Victorian Society vs.

Gothic Society Toads vs. Frogs Living on campus and dwelling off campus Baseball vs.

Cricket Notion and Sensation Two People in a Novel or Other Literary Perform Sand to clay nine/11 and London 7/7 Bombings The beauty to the beast Satisfaction and Prejudice vs. Sense and Sensibility Goat meat to pork Compare Contrast Europe and The usa Slave insurrection to the Revolutionary War. Chamberlain vs. Churchill North vs.

South Prior to the Civil War Hurricanes and Blizzards World War I and the World War II Tree to grass The Battle Hymn of the Republic to “God Bless the United states. ” Catholic Educational facilities vs. General public Faculties Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald Public vs. Private Transportation Diesel vs. Petroleum Fact Television set exhibits to significant university Viewing a Participate in and Observing a Film Adolf Hitler vs. Joseph Stalin African Elephant and the Asiatic Elephant The Two Earth War Sides – Allies and Axis Biology vs. Chemistry Snow and rain Fred vs.

Shaggy Everyday living of a puppy and the lifetime of a cat Germany and Africa Rap Audio with Pop Songs Driving a roller coaster to loving somebody Hobbes vs. Locke SRAM vs. DRAM (Static Random Entry Memory vs. Dynamic Random Entry Memory) Christianity vs. Judaism (or any earth faith) The 1970s to one more decade.

Renaissance Artwork vs. Baroque Art Theatre or movies Roman Empire vs. British Empire Volcanoes vs. Earthquakes Joseph Stalin vs. Napoleon Bonaparte Roses vs. Carnations Dwelling in the west and dwelling in the east Kindle vs. Nook Online vs. Common Education and learning Leasing vs. Possessing College or university and college Pet Pet dogs vs. Pet Cats Fact Tv set shows to higher university. Your Best Close friend vs. Your Archenemy Flowers and weeds Seals vs. Sea Lions Textbooks vs. Motion pictures Espresso vs. an Strength Consume On the net Classes vs. Regular Courses An active scholar and a passive college student WW1 and WW2 Being Abundant vs. Being Popular Panic and Confusion Lust and appreciate Windows vs. Linux The Seem of Songs (motion picture) to The Diary of Anne Frank. Black to white George Carlin vs. Richard Pryor Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer Boys vs. Girls Democracy and Socialism Astrology vs. Astronomy Evergreen Forests vs. Coniferous Forests Snowfall to rainfall. New York and London Crocodiles vs. Alligators Two movie games Playing Wiiâ„¢ online games to playing true online games. Greek vs. Roman Mythology Viewing a Motion picture on Tv set and Watching it in a Theater Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Two stages of a person’s life Acupuncture vs. Acupressure Two hosts of late-night speak shows Income vs. Credit rating Playing cards A Good Boss and a Poor Manager The Mediterranean Temperature vs. the Sub Tropical Weather Content articles of Confederation vs.

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