For additional support, speak to your liaison librarian. If you examine the report in a total-textual content database provider, such as Factiva or EBSCO, and do not have a DOI or immediate URL to the report you ought to use the databases URL. Author Title of journal posting Title of journal (this really should be in italics) [On the web] 12 months of publication Volume quantity (Situation quantity) Web site figures of the post Accessible from: URL or DOI [Date of obtain] Arrami M and Garner H.

A tale of two citations. Mother nature [On-line] 2008451(7177): 397-399. Offered from: http://www. nature. com/mother nature/journal/v451/n7177/whole/451397a. html [Accessed 20th January 2008]. or Wang F, Maidment G, Missenden J and Tozer R.

The novel use of stage change products in refrigeration plant. Section 1: Experimental investigation. Used Thermal Engineering .

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[On the net] 200727(seventeen-eighteen): 2893-2901. Accessible from: doi:ten. 1016/j. applthermaleng. 2005. 06. 011 [Accessed 14th July 2008].

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or Go through B. Anti-cheating crusader vexes some professors. Chronicle of Bigger Education . [Online] 2008 54(twenty five).

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Out there from: http://international. factiva. com/ [Accessed 18th June 2009]. Journal write-up: print. Author Title of journal report Title of journal (this should really be in italics) 12 months of publication Volume number (Challenge variety) Webpage figures of the short article Chhibber PK, Majumdar SK. International possession and profitability: Home legal rights, regulate, and the effectiveness of corporations in Indian industry. Journal of Legislation and Economics 1999 forty two(1): 209-238. Lecture / presentation. Name of lecturer/presenter Title of lecture/presentation (this should be in italics) [Lecture/Presentation] Title of module/degree training course (if ideal) Name of establishment or spot Date of lecture/presentation Wagner G.

Structural and practical scientific studies of protein interactions in gene expression . [Lecture] Imperial College London. 12th December 2006. Map: online. Online maps may well originate from an online map support, this sort of as Google Maps, or from Digimap, the online Ordnance survey mapping instrument. Map writer or originator (on the internet maps may possibly not have an author, but you can use the map publisher’s identify as a corporate writer) Title of map Sheet amount, or tile (if accessible) Scale (if offered) Title of on the net supply (in italics) [On the internet] Available from: URL [Day of entry] Streetmap. Imperial School London and bordering space. Streetmap . [On the net] Out there from: http://www. streetmap. co. uk/newmap. srf?x=526500andy=179400andz=0andsv=526500,179400andst=OSGr >rd July 2010].

or Tele Atlas. Imperial School London and surrounding spot.

Google Maps . [Online] Accessible from: http://maps. google. co. british isles/maps?f=qandsource=sqandhl=enandgeocode=andq=south kensingtonandsll=fifty three. 800651,-4. 064941andsspn=18. 304449,39. 506836andie=UTF8andhq=andhnear=South Kensington, Greater London, United Kingdomandll=51. 494423,-. 177155andspn=. 009392,. 01929andz=sixteen [Accessed: 23 rd July 2010]. Note: Google Maps use details generated by Tele Atlas. If you reproduce any map in your get the job done, you must label and cite it as you would with any other form of graphic [url to image]. If you have used Digimap, or a different mapping resource, to create a map, and then increase/subtract data layers, you have to still present information about in which the unique map info is from. Map: print. Author (usually the organisation accountable for publishing the map) Title (this really should be in italics) Scale Position of publication Publisher Calendar year of publication British Geological Study. South London , 270 .


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