Spenta Mainyu try active and design is an ongoing process

“It [Spenta Mainyu] ‘s the care about-recognizing quality or pastime away from Ahura mazda (the nice Brain); it is the notice-promoting times that leads towards the production and you may development of world. To own Zoroaster, holiness required along with abundance, development, and wellness. Spenta Mainyu stands for the main out-of ent from the universe.” (F. 29)

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So it electricity and their beings are the fresh Mathrem, or Mathra, practically, ‘the latest sacred word-of power’, which is the reason behind the development of the technique of motto when you look at the Asia and you will “Words off Strength” in-between Eastern and you will Egypt. Manthrem otherwise Mathra is during its own best kept to get the brand new best motto from which all others is actually derived, in the same style because YHVH ‘s the supply of all Hebrew escort Ontario Divine Brands. This will be stated due to the fact inside the Persia and you can Babylon, the convergence off what might turn into semi-separate East and you may Western mystical means is complete. In a single value, it could be said to be the first house from pilates, kabbalah, alchemy, and you can secret as we know them. Months art and you can tissues reveals winged pets familiar to Jewish and Egyptian society, planetary diagrams, an earlier form of the fresh Tree away from Lifetime, and some distinctions of the intertwined serpent theme.

Saturn is comparable to Mercury when you look at the alchemical text, and is considering the exact same unknown sexuality, otherwise androgyny, and you will titled they ‘Mercurius senex’

“The new successful expert have to be blessed that have a familiarity with the latest thing of your High Functions; as well as with faith, silence, love away from heart, and you will prayerfulness. Just after passage from the gate surmounted on hieroglyph of philosophic mercury he traverses the newest 7 angles of the citadel, representing the chief procedures of your High Functions – calcination, dissolution, filtration, inclusion into the sealed Vase out-of Hermes, transference of Vase towards the Athanor [furnace], coagulation, putrefaction, ceration, multiplication and projection. As well as abreast of attaining the Petra Philosophalis, the guy finds out it’s kept within the infant custody because of the a formidable dragon.”

When you look at the Tiphareth, the latest mathematical icon is the interlaced triangles out-of h2o and you may flames, or the Star away from David. Whenever extended for connecting this new planetary sepheroth of one’s Forest (with Saturn getting attributed to Daath), the newest Triangle away from Drinking water connects the newest spheres off Mars, Jupiter, and you will Luna. The brand new Triangle from Flames connects Saturn, Venus, and you will Mercury.

Exactly as Ouroboros is actually cosmic time (the fresh serpent) restricting itself (Saturn), Venus is the creative cosmic force multiplying alone in daily life (the vegetative character) since a prism breaks brand new white of one’s sunrays. Mercury, such as for instance Saturn in a lot of respects, is actually androgynous, and regulation the newest flames of production, directing they on the production of the Philosopher’s Brick. Mercury holds the fresh Caduceus, or winged personnel having a couple serpents connected around they. The newest Wings show sublimation, the newest serpents might pushes from production. There crossing-over ‘s the clairvoyant locations, tend to given as the eight when you look at the matter, right here symbolizing the new tone in the range, and light (Venus). Main to your drawing was Sol, the cosmic innovative forces and therefore unify, enliven, and harmonize manufacturing, and which we can aspire to get in touch with. It is main, and you will directs and you can control all of the other globes, clairvoyant facilities, or aspects of Cosmic energy.

Because of the getting in touch with the latest flames of your own Sunshine, we can open this new flame of your own most other psychic facilities (via Venus), and with ease head the latest restrictive and you can informing time away from Saturn, through the vitality of one’s Mind, otherwise Mercury.

To know these multi-faceted aspects of the new planets, such Venus and you will Mercury, you will need to have inked the latest Pathworkings as much as Tiphareth. Although this is not needed to perform the techniques later on from inside the this monograph, it is a help getting an understanding of the latest theoretic part.


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