Zen tactics the newest MC, who is now his movie director, and you may professes his choose their

Zen stops their speech from the choosing to mix his very own life together with elite group job, when he not desires to cover-up their previous and welcomes just who he is now.

The guy helps make the surprising decision introducing the gamer because his partner given that a last declaration so you can their love life, and you will requires the woman ahead upwards onto the phase, in which the guy professes their determination to this lady

  1. Efficiently get to the 11th Day inside the Zen’s channel.
  2. The gamer need 10 or more emails out-of website visitors with ‘Completed’ standing.

Summary : Two years later, at Jumin’s penthouse, Jaehee is concerned about the whereabouts of Seven and V, but Jumin is too engrossed in his old television to be concerned. The two watch an interview on Celebrity A! News, where Echo Girl and Zen discuss their new roles for a period drama the two are starring together. Echo Girl is flustered when the reporter asks her about the scandal, and is struggling to maintain her image, while Zen has become a successful actor, with his soundtrack albums topping the music charts.

The guy makes the shocking choice to introduce the gamer while the their spouse since the a final report so you can his love life, and you may asks her to come right up on the phase, where the guy professes his devotion to the girl

  1. Get Zen’s An effective Finish.
  2. Spend 20 hourglasses so you’re able to open the Once Finish.

Jaehee’s Station

For much more detail by detail route publication and you will descriptions of the endings for your needs via Jaehee’s station, see Jaehee Kang/Route Tips and you may Jaehee Kang/Endings.

He helps to make the stunning decision introducing the player due to the fact their wife given that a last declaration to help you his sexual life, and you may requires the lady to come upwards on the phase, where he professes their devotion to the lady

  1. Get Jaehee’s channel in the Relaxed Story about 1st Big date to help you the fresh last Day.
  2. Successfully achieve the 11th Big date into the Jaehee’s channel.
  3. The ball player need less than 10 characters of guests which have “Completed” status.

Crappy Story Stop 1 Realization : Seven comes to Rika’s apartment to take the player to Zen’s house. When they arrive at Zen’s place, Zen doesn’t seem to open the door nor take Seven’s calls since his phone is off. Zen finally opens the door and meets the player. Seven then leaves after explaining it’s V’s orders and it’s easier to protect them both. Zen later asks the player if she thinks of him more than just a friend.

In the chatroom Jumin says to Jaehee one his father you are going to hands over another enterprise aside from the coffees you to. She hopes he previously declined however, according to him he would not turn it off for almost all causes. Jumin upcoming declares the good thing, Jaehee are pregnant a secondary however, he only intentions to place a convenience store into first-floor of your workplace given that nearest store was 300m off their building. She acts delighted until he simply leaves and then happens off-line after her gloomy responses. Yoosung gets in the new chatroom and pities their shortly after understanding the past conversation. He reviews that he is afraid of bringing a job today and you will would like to inhabit the industry of LOLOL, and departs instantaneously.

three-years later, Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee and also the user enjoy Jaehee’s another pay boost in Zen’s flat. Jaehee try feeling sick making them care and attention the lady. Zen wants to congratulate the woman however, he says that she actually is like exchanging the girl fitness for the money. He strategies this lady first off viewing somebody and get www.datingranking.net/jaumo-review/ married but Yoosung asks him if the he just desires these to feel jealous once the he while the user started life together with her pursuing the night she went along to their home. Zen sees the player one to she cannot research pleased because of Jaehee. Jaehee tells the lady that she does not have any to be concerned and at least getting delighted one she has Zen on her front side. She would like to speak a great deal more together but she has so you can hop out to give them privacy and you may she continues to have some things to deal with. She merely desires on her joy.


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